journalling, mental health, bipolar, OCD, church, disability, coffee, fountain pen, travelers journal

Pen to Paper


The healing journey is a crooked road.


I have been, at various stages of my life:

a bartender, a university professor, a waitress, a professional singer in multiple genres, a kitchen manager, and in general a hopelessly flawed human being.

I’ve been married three times to teach myself I’m not the marrying kind.

I’ve lived in four states and two countries before I felt at home in my own skin.

I’ve returned to two things in my life: pen and ink and the church.

This blog is about those two things–in unequal measures.

It’s also about my twisty turny mental health journey towards coping. After years of “acting as if,” I’m finally dealing with a diagnosis of Bi-polar II and OCD along with Psoriatic Arthritis. Sometimes, some of it really is all in your head. Having been for years, a proponent of telling everyone else that they’re perfect exactly the way they are, it’s time for this forty-something-fuck-up to start practicing what she (sometimes literally) preaches.

So, come on in, grab a cup of coffee, and stay a bit.



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