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Review: 100 Day Happiness Planner (with flipthroughs)

When you go analog, you’re constantly (if you’re me) searching for planner perfection. Also, if you’re me, you thrive on short-term planners versus the pressure of an entire year. Also also, if you’re me, you regularly scroll through the interwebs looking for new and interesting planners.

Enter a sale at (still going on!) and a great deal on this little planner.

So, let’s get to it:

What I loved about this planner:

  • 100 days long, undated.
  • high quality paper (very little bleed or even ghosting unless I used my juiciest fountain pens) and binding, lovely packaging. Pink! Lavender! (great colours)
  • an interesting section (see my flip-through video) pre-planner to reflect on some happiness goals.
  • another ending section to assess your experience of the planner.
  • interesting rubrics/wrap-ups weekly to gauge how the week went “week in 3 words,” stressed/relaxed scores, etc.
  • unlike zillions of other planners, it was an interesting exercise to focus on happiness/satisfaction versus PRODUCTIVITY.
  • motivational quotes on every daily page.
  • nice layout and design
  • Especially at this sale price, it’s a bargain compared to competitors (stay tuned for my reviews of them)

What I didn’t love:

  • you have to write super, super tiny on these daily pages. Frankly, I would have preferred 50 or 60 days with two pages for each day. I write pretty small, and even then I was having a difficult time fitting everything in. For example, this is a very not-busy week and a normal day off from work (with a lot of more private reflections photoshopped out) and this baby was jam-packed in weeks that were busier.


  • not enough room for a real workday schedule (I use a separate planner for work, trying to get that whole work/life balance thing down–but this wouldn’t seem to be a practical single planner for a person with a super busy professional life.)
  • The corners aren’t rounded. I know this is a small quibble, but being used to Rhodias and Moleskines and Scribbles That Matter (Oh My!) those things were pointy AF.
  • Doesn’t lay completely flat (realizing that for some this is a total dealbreaker.)
  • Daily “meal” and “exercise” section–they were too tiny to use for this purpose AND my recovering disordered eating self used that space for weather and put stickers over the trigger words.


Now, the final verdict: 

Would I use this planner again?

Maybe. . .

I did buy two because of the great sales price. I’ve switched into a different system (THIS and THIS) if you’re curious–reviews once they’re finished. I might reach for one again, but it might be better as a daily gratitude journal/prompt journal than an actual planner. I particularly found the weekly reflection sections useful in keeping track of where my centre was in any given week, and found them fun to look back on (week in 3 words is definitely something I will keep doing in my newer planner, for example).

If you have a simpler life (one with fewer day-to-day changeups in your schedule and meetings/appointments) this might be plenty planner for you. For me, I need a lot more room for both to-do lists and a daily schedule.

I love the IDEA of this planner more than the execution. As much as I love A5 sized everything, this would have been a much more useful planner if it had been bigger–along the lines of a composition size/B5. I also think making fewer days fit in the planner and giving each day 2 pages (one for reflections and one for scheduling, maybe?) would drastically improve its usefulness.


FULL DISCLOSURE: I wasn’t given any of these products to review, and I don’t get affiliate dollars if you click on my links.

If anybody wants to send some free planners or guided journals my way to review, tho–I wouldn’t say no. xoxoxo.




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