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Bargain Basics Notebook Review: Artist’s Loft

We're back on the notebook review train with one of the most popular inexpensive journal's The Artist Loft dot grid journal. These are available inexpensively at Michael's (they retail for a mere 5$ in the states, and go for 9$ in Canada). They are what I would call a semi-hardcover and come in a wide… Continue reading Bargain Basics Notebook Review: Artist’s Loft

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Mary: SJW

  Homily from The Corner, Feast of the Visitation, May 31: Readings here, here, and here. There she is: everywhere. In icons, on jewelry, in tattoos, airbrushed on souped-up cars: Mary, The Blessed Mother, The Virgin, Theotokos (The God-bringer) The mother of God, Jesus’ Mom. She’s the subject of more portraiture, poetry, and song than… Continue reading Mary: SJW

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Putting down baggage and picking up love

  One of the things I’ve reflected on as a weakness of the church’s Bible presentation model is the fact that it presents the bible in little amuse-bouche pieces--here are a few verses from here, and a few more verses from there. To the churched, who have heard them associated with one another for decades,… Continue reading Putting down baggage and picking up love

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Bargain Basics: Costco/Spiceboxbooks Notebooks

Next up in the reviews of low-cost notebooks are ones that I've been tempted by many times. I all-caps LOVE Costco. As soon as I got my car, I got a Costco membership. I could do an entire blog series about growing up in poverty and food scarcity and the healing balm that having a… Continue reading Bargain Basics: Costco/Spiceboxbooks Notebooks

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Bargain Basic Notebooks Review: Ikea Lankmoj

I am a lover of the Scribbles that Matter notebooks. They are well-made, fountain pen friendly, lusciously coloured notebooks. I'm also going through notebooks at a clip of one every 45-60 days right now. That's fast. I have at least three notebooks on the go at any given moment, and right now it's more like… Continue reading Bargain Basic Notebooks Review: Ikea Lankmoj

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GOD IS GOD AND I AM NOT.   It only flashes on the screen for a brief second during Beyonce’s video for “Don’t Hurt Yourself”--it did the same during her Lemonade tour. The flash of text is so brief that it is almost difficult to read the message, but there it is --in all caps… Continue reading GOD IS GOD AND I AM NOT.